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Дорогие слушатели татарского интернет-радио "Амаль". Желаем Вам приятного прослушивания. Здесь совершенно новые мелодичные песни разных самодеятельных и профессиональных композиторов, поэтов из разных стран, и певцов с уникальными голосами.

Dear listeners Tatar Internet Radio "Amal". We hope you enjoy listening to. Here are completely new melodic songs of different amateur and professional composers and poets from different countries, and the singers with unique voices.


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If you are a poet, a composer or a singer and want to put your songs on the radio, "Amal", send them to us, indicating the author's text, composer and performer by e-mail:

The author and performer Mukhametzyanova Rizida :
"The purpose of the radio - to embrace the world in search of new talent and expand the audience of listeners and fans of the songs of Turkic languages."

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Tatar-radio Amal